You are passing your holidays in the beautiful border triangle between Germany, France and Switzerland!

The town Staufen in the region Breisgau with the district Grunern is situated at the bottom of the southern part of the Black Forest and is bordering in the southwest on the hilly landscape of the Markgräflerland.

The town Staufen is connected with the name “Faust”. This legendary character, an alchemist, astrologer and dark magician, was described in the drama “Faust” of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.
The story tells that Faust has lived and died at Staufen.
In the year 1539 Faust is said to be killed because of an explosion, when he stayed in his room in the guesthouse “Löwen” (at the Market Place). This tells an inscription on the wall of the guesthouse.

A visitor who is reaching Staufen will recognize even at a great distance the ruins of the castle of Staufen which is rising above the Plain of the Rhine.
The castle is illuminated at night and can be visited.
Today, the ruins belong to the town of Staufen.

Grunern on the other side is an old village of winegrowers, which was made a district of Staufen in the year 1974.
The village is situated at the end of the valley Münstertal in the southern part of the Black Forest.
In the year 1144 it was documentary named for the first time.
In 1283 Grunern was already given to the rulers of Staufen as a fief.

photos of Staufen and the environs